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Q-Travellers, the First High-quality Travel Polo Shirt with Quote Patches, Launches a Campaign on Indiegogo

With conveniently placed pockets to make travel easy, Q-Travellers takes fashion to the next level

Zug, Switzerland- Q-Travellers [Link:] is a high-quality polo shirt that not only has easy-access pockets to make traveling easier, but an area on the chest to show off inspirational quotes. The all-in-one shirt is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo.

The Q-Travellers polo shirt has a self-expression patch that is made of an innovative silicon rubber material. With this, users are able to stick their favorite pre-printed quote patches onto the shirt to show off what inspires them. The quote can easily be removed and another can be put onto the polo shirt in seconds with little effort.

“We have searched high and low to find quotes that are meaningful, inspiring and sometimes witty. We want our wearers to feel like they can express themselves without even saying a word,” Q-Travellers Founder and Creative Director Dimitrios Bekiaris said. “So far, we have found around 100 of our favorite quotes for our wearers to choose from and plan on having more than 1,500 quote options in the near future for instant quote renewal.”

The Q-Travellers polo shirt not only has the ability to show off personal style, but there are also discrete pockets that make traveling and everyday carry easier. The chest scratch holder is a convenient loop that is located below the polo’s buttons. This loop is able to hold items, such as headphones or sunglasses, in a convenient location that is easily accessible.

The fast-access pocket that is located strategically on the left sleeve of the polo shirt lets the wearer easily and quickly access their most valuable items. The ergonomic pocket is large enough to securely hold identification cards, thumb drives, cash, key rings etc.

Additionally, Q-Travellers has a hidden side pocket on the left side of the polo shirt that gives the wearer ease of mind because they will always know exactly where their belonging are at all times. This pocket is perfect for holding identification cards or passports, car keys, plane tickets and more. The pocket has a strong hidden zipper for discreteness.

Q-Travellers comes in three designs. The basic polo is made of pique fabric and is also the most affordable option at $59. The polo also comes in an indigo fabric blue for $64. The most advanced and high-quality polo is made of limited edition patches in indigo for $85.

About Neuhaus Media GmbH

Neuhaus Media GmbH is an innovative company based in Switzerland. Founded on the idea of creating a new concept of men’s clothes & travel equipment and with years of experience, Neuhaus Media GmbH hopes to bring Q-Travellers closer to bridging the gap between fine apparel and urban traveller sportswear style. To learn more about Neuhaus Media GmbH, please visit

Continuous Self Expression, Multi-functionality, Comfort & Incomparable Style! One of the best fitting, durable, multi-purpose & stylish polo shirt on the planet.

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