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The Q-Travellers Polo Shirt is a revolutionary and totally new concept that has various special features. It’s of very high quality, carefully designed, with top style, unique design and an excellent fitting on almost every body type. These features can be subdivided into two main categories:
First and foremost, it has a scratch on ‘n’ off system that enables the easy changing of quote messages on the clothes. A very thin but at the same time safe and functional silicon rubber patch with the printed quote message that the user chooses from a variety of over 500 different messages (that will be enhanced throughout the year) sticks on the Velcro surface that is stitched on the polo shirt. This way, users can choose to change the quote message depending on their mood, the environment, the occasion or even during an event, thus expressing themselves in a very unique way.
The second feature is the multi-functionality of this specific polo shirt. This product has smart and very convenient pockets that can hold items that are essential to the user (mobile phone, wallet, keys, money, small devices etc.) without having to worry about their style or if the items are visible to others. Last but not least, it has a very special and handy Chest Scratch Holder that allows users to store cables, glasses and other items safely without becoming “entangled”.
The Q-Travellers Polo Shirt is intended for all men who live in the city or in the countryside and who need a Polo Shirt that will cover their everyday needs for a practical and at the same time attractive look of high aesthetics, high quality and perfect fitting.

It’s also for those men who want to get away from the old-fashioned styles that have nothing else to give and who want to express their feelings and their point of view in a simple and at the same time modern and stylish way. It’s for those who expect something new, special and at the same time with personal, custom-made features.

Worth-mentioning is the fact that it is also intended for the younger generation of teenagers and 20+ men who feel the need for self-expression and who live life to the fullest, while they want to make their mark by highlighting their personality every chance they get, in every occasion and environment.
Yes, it is intended for men of every age group and also recommended for teenagers and younger men or even for a gift to the men you love….They will adore it!
Right now we are launching the men’s line, but in the very near future we plan on launching the women’s line in 2016 as well; it will include, apart from the legendary Q-Travellers Polo Shirt, a series of other products that modern women will find irreplaceable (blouses, dress shirts and accessories). In addition, a women’s and men’s bags line will be launched that will also have special Instant Quote Renewal characteristics and a series of travel accessories that will facilitate the modern and demanding lifestyle in the city and in the countryside as well.
Yes, that is possible. Someone can indeed buy the Q-Travellers Polo shirt without the Quote Message Feature, which means without the special Velcro material stitched on the chest. This way, someone can make use of the extra travel features of the Q-Travellers Polo shirt.
The Q-Travellers Polo Shirt is manufactured in the European Union in manufacturing plants which operate under our “Standards Of Manufacturing Practice” (SMP). You can find more information in the Corporate Social Responsibility page of our company.
There are 4 different choices with regard to the fabric when it comes to the Q-Travellers Polo Shirt.
Our first choice is the classic piqué 100% cotton fabric that is thin enough so that it can be worn in almost all high temperatures and also in the spring, autumn and winter when paired with suitable clothing. It’s breathable with a very soft and fine touch; the perfect solution for athletes and people with strong personality and a demanding lifestyle. Its available colors are Black & rich blue.
Our second choice is plain 100% cotton fabric that is also of fine texture and extremely soft when touched. It’s the perfect solution for athletes and people with strong personality and a demanding lifestyle. The available color is rich blue.
Our third choice is the dyed indiego fabric that is specially processed so that is has the special stylish denim feature which is very fashionable and stylish right now and used by many fashion designers in fashion weeks all over the world. This fabric is a littler thicker than others, which makes it suitable for colder temperatures or alternatively for spring, autumn and winter outfits. It is extremely soft and it “embraces” whoever is wearing it.
Its color is the indiego medium denim blue.
Our fourth choice is also a dyed indiego fabric that has a unique vintage feel. Its color is the indiego light vintage denim blue. This is a limited edition and all are unique since they use different patches.
All different Q-Travellers Polo Shirts are available in short and long sleeve editions and all have the unique travel features that make them perfectly functional and attractive.
The Silicon/Rubber patch of the Q-Travellers Polo Shirt is manufactured exclusively from a very revolutionary material that is very fine; a feature that is absolutely essential to the use we wanted to achieve for the Q-T Polo Shirt. It has great message printing and color imprinting features and it’s intended for everyday use. Its color and texture are matt without being glossy, which is ideal for its use on clothes.
Furthermore, it doesn’t press the clothes, not even when we remove it in order to change the quote message.
The Q-Travellers Polo Shirt
• Does not have lints,
• Does not stain the clothes,
• Is easy and practical to use
• Is not thick,
• Does not fade when used. A normal fading will appear when worn for a long time, as the case with all other clothes is.
• It can be washed, but it is recommended that it is removed before washing in order to achieve the longest life duration possible
• It does not crumple
• It can be changed as many times you like during the day without jeopardizing quality
• It has the closest possible color to the fabric of the clothes we wear each time
• It’s modern and stylish
The Q-Travellers Polo Shirt Silicon/Rubber patch can be washed in the washing machine. Be careful though! Even if it will not become damaged during washing, we recommend that you remove it before washing. Ideally, you remove it before placing the Q-Travellers Polo Shirt in the washing machine and you re-attach it when the shirt is washed and dry. This way you prolong its life and you keep the colors on the Silicon/Rubber patch in the best possible quality. In case you forgot to remove it…don’t worry…it’s not damaged.
At the end of the whole procedure we will check all specific parameters and we will put the final touch on the end product making all necessary aesthetic and functional small interventions so that the product we are going to ship will be the best possible outcome, even better than the one on the photos presented in the platform. We believe that aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand and we don’t want to give priority to the one more than the other, because we regard our product as our company’s mirror… it must be perfect in all cases.
Our company guarantees the delivery of the Q-Travellers Polo Shirt end product that will follow the necessary standards of functionality, exceptional manufacturing materials, perfect assembling and special and unique appearance. At the same time, the fitting of the product and our attention to detail make it one of the best and most functional polo shirts you have ever worn!
As for the style and the aura it gives off when worn….they are truly incomparable!


Continuous Self Expression, Multi-functionality, Comfort & Incomparable Style! One of the best fitting, durable, multi-purpose & stylish polo shirt on the planet.

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