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The already famous Quotes have become very popular during the past years and the messages presented through a wide range of categories (inspiration, life, funny, love, motivation etc.) have an increasing mass appeal among all people on the planet. No wonder why the social media are daily flooded with millions of quotes that spread rapidly winning over more and more new fans.

The Q-Travellers polo shirt our company is launching now in the market is the first of a series of other products that aim at turning the international fashion market upside down in a positive way. It takes advantage of this recent international tendency in a very special way by combining the Quotes, which are already known to us (and which can be changed rapidly and safely) with the need of male consumers for more ergonomic features (pockets for more storage capacity, innovative accessories that hold items etc.) as well as more aesthetics and top quality.

The owners of our products can change the message on their clothes (the polo shirt in this case, which is the first product of our collection) as many times as they like during the day in a smart, innovative and simple way (through new special Velcro materials), conveying the messages they want to convey to other people depending on their mood and place.

This makes our product not only innovative, very practical and functional, but with great appearance and style as well, since top quality materials are used (fabrics and accessories) that give those who wear it the ultimate look almost all year round.

In addition, our product evokes the emotions of consumers and provides solutions through its functions that were impossible to achieve in the past.

Taking into account all the aforementioned, we are delighted to say that we want to give you the chance to make use of our product by providing/selling it through your own distribution and sales networks.

It would be an honor and great joy if you would join our distribution network by getting especially low prices through the offers on our Indiegogo platform and also the special cooperation packages we have developed. Get in touch with us using our e-mail.

Continuous Self Expression, Multi-functionality, Comfort & Incomparable Style! One of the best fitting, durable, multi-purpose & stylish polo shirt on the planet.

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