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World Premiere Q-T Polo Shirt

Renowned for meticulous attention to detail, Q-TRAVELLERS Polo shirt elevates the humble cotton-piqué polo shirt to stylish & functional new heights.
The brand has recreated the classic, putting extra travelling features in an old fashion item providing thus an ultimate multi-functionality and a patent pending self-expression scratch area, which allows users to deliver quote messages, right away, with an easy scratch on ‘n’ off procedure.

The most important elements of the garments are crafted by hand, the machine-stitched edges of the polo shirt are folded over and hand-stitched to provide unparalleled mobility, the bottom edge is hand-rolled, the sleeve head is enlarged, the armhole circumference is reduced so as to facilitate natural movement and a hybrid-fused and canvassed interfacing enables the collar to retain it’s integrity when undone or done up.

Wear this stylish multi-purpose polo shirt with almost everything from dark denim to sandy-hued chinos and even soft tailoring. Wear your favorite jacket or outerwear outside and make the perfect mix and match for nearly every occasion. For a more sophisticated look put on the classic polo shirt and try our indigo cotton style instead of a standard cotton piqué or plain cotton design. Our indigo version features an ultra “open” placket that gives an even more relaxed feel.
For a more vintage look try our patchwork polo shirt, a limited edition of the one-of-a-kind garments, made exclusively by hand with ultra luxury patches meticulously selected from one-of-a-kind fabrics around the world just for you, our “supporters” who we value the most.

Choose what fits you best and wear it with stonewashed jeans on weekends or pair it with tailored chinos and a linen jacket for a summer office look.

Q-TRAVELLERS Polo shirt makes styling timeless and classic and at the same time it helps “Urban Travellers” around the world elevate their everyday style.

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Continuous Self Expression, Multi-functionality, Comfort & Incomparable Style! One of the best fitting, durable, multi-purpose & stylish polo shirt on the planet.

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